January 28, 2004

Crime Victim Rob Thurman

Well.....maybe just Accident Prone Rob Thurman would be more appropriate.

broke1.jpg broke2.jpg

Yeah...yeah....maybe this was just an accident; and maybe if that nice cute fella hadn't written down the license plate number of the lady who hit my car and drove off; and maybe if the police hadn't been so helpful in finding her and notifying her she needed to repair my broken mirror, I might be a crime victim.....but that is a hell of a lot of maybes.

Mostly I'm just annoyed by all the car drama this week.

Sunday night, I spun around and slid off Highway 44 thanks to the bounty of ice and snow...and then today - my car gets nailed. My neck is so sore and tight, I can hardly turn my head. It's not whiplash - just some sort of delayed stress/anxiety/freakout reaction to spinning out of control through the ice and snow - but I don't feel quite as confident in my little putt-putt car as I once did.

Maybe my next car will be a Hummer.....coz though stylish, I think me and a Vespa spells early death. Posted January 28, 2004 09:12 PM


Yes... you should rethink the Vespa...
I know I worry every time I get on mine that it'll be my last time the way people drive!

-- posted by: Drub on February 4, 2004 09:28 PM

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