March 14, 2004

Sex, Strippers, Sushi....and the City

Tonight, my new downstairs neighbor celebrated her birthday in grand style.

I popped downstairs (it felt so Melrose Place) and met her glam friends and co-workers. The gals were really dolled up. Fancy dress, earrings, makeup, hair extensions, falls and champagne! Woo hoo! I was in heaven with all that girl power.

I have to admit that the stripper left a little bit to be desired. When asked if he’d do lap dances for the fellas, he said something about “this not being San Francisco….” Well, duh. In San Francisco, strippers:
1. Are Hot
2. When they say “cop uniform” it’s actually a cop uniform and not some white ensemble with lame accents on the pants. Don’t get me started on gold lame, either.
3. Cash is cash is cash. Who cares who’s tucking it in your g-string.

So we gays just made snippy, hateful comments about his lame purple underwear.

Nevertheless, it was still totally giggle-worthy.

Then we went to the Upstairs Lounge, where sushi and cake (in the shape of a high heel shoe!) and more champagne awaited us. Oh! There were also yummy egg rolls – which I enjoyed with my Diet Coke (champagne gets me into trouble).

I am really getting used to life in my new apartment! There’s still a ton of crap to unpack and so much that I’d like to get done (finish painting widows and the pocket doors) – but it feels like life is slowly getting back on track. Granted the tracks are new, and who knows what direction they lead…but the outlook looks promising.

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Posted March 14, 2004 12:08 AM
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