January 11, 2005

That's What I Said....Bunny Bread Blunt

Yesterday, Mr. Blackwell issued his list of worst dressed - and while all that is interesting, I was more amused by the bubbly-brouhaha over Mrs. Melanie Bunny Blunt's Anna Karenina homage.

If you missed the image from the Post's front page yesterday, you missed quite a treat.


Diatriber clued me into this vision of loveliness and then Deb Peterson offered this lovely gem: Fashion police ticket Mrs. Blunt, wherein our favorite gossip columnist claimed Bunny had overtaken Bjork in fashion misjudgments. I take offense to that, since Bjork's outfit actually made her look thin.

The Post had a couple of stories, my favorite being: Inaugural events unfold with dignity and military precision.

Matt and his wife, Melanie Blunt, left the church and climbed into a white Ford Mustang convertible, joining a parade to the Capitol. Matt Blunt spurned tie and tails and wore a business suit. Melanie Blunt, who is seven months pregnant with the couple's first child, wore a peach and cream-colored suit. She has a background in fashion, having earned a degree in merchandising. An aide said the morning's unexpected chill prompted her to don a last-minute addition: a cream-colored cape with fur trim and a billowing fur hat.
- - - - - -
In an Inauguration Day that favored subdued ceremonies over flamboyance and fireworks, Gov. Matt Blunt was portrayed as a down-to-earth, churchgoing man who will stick to the basics.

I was struck by so many things in these two stories.

  • Ford Mustang?
  • Spurned tails?
  • Background in fashion?
  • Billowing?
  • Being over Flamboyance?
  • Basics?

As was repeated ad nauseam, Mr. Blunt was sworn in on *count em* TWO Bibles - one which he reads daily...So inspiring, don't ya think? Perhaps if I ever take public office, I'll be sworn in with a copy of Honcho wearing my own fur lined outfit:


I'm daydreaming now, thinking of the phalanx of pumped up muscle boys in my Mini-Cooper motorcade, stepping out into the crowd of well wishers wearing an Armani suit hiding my Victoria's Secret..... Anyway, that is sooooooo off topic -- my personal demons shouldn't distract from the rest of this missive.

Back to basics, so to speak -- the fashion commentary continued today with the oh-so-clever Kansas City Star's Hats off to Melanie B:

Melanie Blunt made a striking fashion statement at the inauguration of Missouri's 54th governor Monday, wearing a furry, oversized hat and three-quarter-length ivory cape coat, with matching gloves and shoes.

Mrs. Blunt, 32, is expecting the couple's first child - a boy - in March. Underneath the snowbunny[sic] ensemble she was in a peach maternity dress. Spence Jackson, spokesman for the governor, said Mrs. Blunt hadn't planned to wear the coat, but it was chilly Monday in Jefferson City, with temperatures in the 30s.


So once again, Bunny Blunt takes center stage in state politics. I've also noticed that reporters keep mentioning that she's pregnant -- otherwise we'd just assume that she's fat and tacky rather than resplendent with motherhood and tacky.

My ultimate goal is to find out where our Mistress of merchandising found her ensemble. I tried Lillian Vernon first.



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