February 10, 2005

All This Drama!

My co-worker, Pamela has been on a diet for the past month. And while she has been having much success, she's reached a point where all she can do is tell it like it is -- no grease equates to no bullshit in her carb, sugar and liquor deprived world. Upon today's announcement on the upcoming nuptials over there in Londontown, she had me rolling on the floor with her own unique spin on the next Royal wedding.

None of this mess would have ever happened if Mama had kept her nose outta his business. See, he liked that horsy faced woman long before he ever met Diana. But Camilla was seen hanging out with all these different men and she might be having all these other men’s babies and not the Prince’s.

So, Charles got shipped off to France or Mozambique or somewhere and Camilla had a Sistah Girl moment and said “Oh no, he didn’t!” and got with his friend Bowles. Charles gets back and has to marry some dumb ass 19 year old who doesn’t understand why everybody else keeps saying “she’s so beautiful” but all she can say to herself is “why come he won’t touch me?” So she throws herself down the stairs and throws up food and then gets divorced and dies. Now Charles and that horsy faced girl are getting married anyway and all this shit could have been avoided if Mamma Majesty hadn’t jumped up into her child’s business in the first place!

I hope she will continue to embrace this new bitchiness -- and is welcome to do so.....'coz I just purchased the domain www.angryblackbitch.com and I'm gonna give it to her birthday (which is next week). Hopefully, we'll have her up and bitching by then. She's been saying she wants to blog..... so... welcome to the club, Pamela!

Posted February 10, 2005 02:09 PM