March 25, 2005

Behind you imbecil!

easterchick.jpg Hey, it's Good Friday.

While good Catholics are obsessing over the crucifixion, good Protestants are obsessing over their Easter fashions. That whole crown of thorns, soiled loincloth and bloody, nail-skewered hands --not the best look....

One thing that all Christians (and maybe even a few Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and hell-bound atheists) can agree on: decorative cakes in the shape of chickens......a very good thing!

Imagine my surprise seeing this message in my inbox on this holiest of days:
Meet Singles With Christian Principles

How sweet: "Our anniversary is the day Jesus died."

Upon further inspection of the e-mail there was a big, blank empty space, some random html code and then this passage at the very bottom:

....theres was a lot of curiosity regarding the spanish phrases that some enemies spoke. So to satisfy that curiosity this guide was created, as well, the guide includes lots of interesting details.....

A guide for Spanish phrases spoken by some enemies?

This Friday just got really good!

Enjoy and Happy Easter!

Good Friday Spanish Enemy Translation Guide
for Principled, Single Christians.

"Spanish Enemy" Phrases
Christian Principle
Te voy a matar I'm going to kill you!
No dejes que escape de la isla Don't let him get away from island
Mira!... esta herido Look! He is hurt
Ahi esta! There he is
Morir es vivir To die is to live
Gojedlo! Grab him!
Atras de ti imbecil! Behind you imbecil!
Te coji! Gotcha! or I **** you
Muere, muere.... Die, die....
Sera mejor que empiezes a rezar You Better start praying
Basta hijo de **** Stop you son of *****
Matenlo! Kill HIM!
Muerete! DIE!
Te voy a romper en pedazos I'll break you in to pieces
Un forastero! A foreigner! or A stranger!
Cerebro, cerebro, cerebro Brain, brain, brain
Es hora de aplastar(lo) Is time to crush (crush him)
Mi**da Poo
Puedes correr pero no resistir You might run but wont resist
Te voy hacer picadillo I'll make you mincemeat
So cerdo You pig
Posted March 25, 2005 02:09 PM