June 14, 2005

The Badness Makes You Beautiful!

So...I'm running a mid-month report about who's visiting my site, trying to understand all the numbers and such and I come across this post from Italy, entitled the Badness Makes You Beautiful.

It seems that these two crazy kids have fabricated characters named Mad Ashton and Hell Sharpe and write little stories about them.

They've gooched a photo of me in drag and turned it into some sort of parable. I, of course, love this, since that takes the mundane irrelevancy of this blog to Transatlantic proportions.

I tried a web-translatey program and this is what pops out, if you can be of any assistance, please holla!

Hell Introduces the Drag Queen, Velena, to the Father…

HELL's DAD: And your name is...
VELENA: I am the Drag Queen, plus the Queen of Karalis City by Night!!!
HELL: This we have understood it, beloved. Hour, digli your name.
VELENA: My name is Velena. I do not have last name, baby. And yours, beautiful maschione?
HELL: The stage name does not make more tendency.
HELL's DAD: Hell, please.

Here's the original text:

Hell presenta la Drag Queen, Velena, al padre…
PAPA’ HELL: E il tuo nome è...
VELENA: Io sono la Drag Queen, più la Queen di Karalis City by Night!!!
HELL: Questo l'abbiamo capito, cara. Ora, digli il tuo nome.
VELENA: Il mio nome è Velena. Non ho cognome, baby. Ed il tuo, bel maschione?
HELL: Il nome d'arte non fa più tendenza.
PAPA’ HELL: Hell, per favore

Posted June 14, 2005 03:49 PM
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