August 30, 2005

Critical Mess...

Well...I'm about to bike home and just wanted to share this little tid-bit of information for folks out there who may be considering some alternative means of transportation or joining like-minded folks for a social outing:

On Friday, another 48 cyclists were arrested in New York City for participating in a group bicycle ride known as "Critical Mass," bringing the total arrests of cyclists in the city in one year to 566. Meanwhile, community groups, environmental organizations and cycling clubs around the world are organizing film screenings and letter-writing campaigns to protest the arrests.
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Another perspective that I thought was interesting:

Seems to be 2 kinds of people. Those who bike and those who bitch. And I’ve just read a lot of bitching. Just get out and bike hard. Don't join the mob/demonstration/rally/riot/CM whatever you call it. Bike the other way or suffer the justice of the mob's reduction upon you. If you're in CM you are CM. if you are arrested in CM, CM is being arrested not You. Don't go snapping back to poor Individual status and play woe is you just because you got busted in the mob. Just bike, be doored, be veered into the trash cans by the bus...It is unfair yet charming and always up-hill; and you know it. So if you are going to bike anyway where the car always wins, (think Detroit, think Physics), like Nike says “just do it” without pretension, without entitlement, without politics, without bitching.

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