September 14, 2005

Church of the Poison Mind

Hey, kids!

Mark your calendars for the next meeting of the United Church of Bitchitude and Latter-Day Drunks - taking place October 1st at the grand opening of a downtown nightclub, featuring our much beloved brother (and sister) Boy George!

It is an especially joyous and blessed day for me - being an old queen who loves house music and owes a great deal of respect to this macro-biotic eating, MAC-makeup loving, gender-bending inspiring, soulful-ass singing, Hare Krishna chanting, falling-disco-ball dodging, now DJ-spinning queen of all queens. Bow down, mister! It's time to check your karma now...

Props to Brother Amin + Sister Sonja for doing their part to bring house music back to the children in St. Louis and for doing it with some much-needed sparkle!  I do not know these kids and can personally take no credit for this amazing night. All I can do is open my big mouth and holler...which...well...I guess I just did -- and post their press release, which...well... I just did, too (see below)!

See ya there!


Who: Boy George, DJ Tomislav, Trevor Matthews VS. Adrian Fox, That 80’s Club!!
What: 21 and over - Boy George for his first ever DJ appearance in STL!!!!
Where: The Formula – GRAND OPENING – 1204 Washington Ave. Saint Louis, MO
When: The party kicks off at Formula at 10pm on Saturday night. Entry limited to capacity!! Get there early.
Cost: 15 Dollars – Pre-Sales

Formula is hosting there Grand opening party of the year, and did we mention that it features a exclusive performance by the international Superstar DJ Boy George! Downtown will be hopping on Saturday, Oct. 1st. Many surprises await you inside the venue, so you will just have to show up to find out.

Admission is 21 and up with proper I.D. 21 and up with proper ID to drink.

Tickets for this show can be purchased in advance for only 10 Dollars –, or the Day of the show at Formula.

Tickets holders will gain priority in entrance to this one of a kind and very special event.


More Info About the Formula Club:

Posted September 14, 2005 11:47 AM
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