July 12, 2006

Masshole Culture

CNN and Fortune Magazine discuss this issue:

Lost in a mass of niches

The advent of 300 channels and the Internet has fragmented audiences - and the explosion of choice has left us poorer

...the explosion of choice has left us poorer in at least two arenas. The first is journalism...The network evening newscasts, big-city newspapers and the national news magazines once had the money, access, skills, commitment and power to deliver lots of original reporting and put important issues on the national agenda. Today, they are all diminished.

The second arena where we are worse off is politics. This is related to journalism, as the moderate and responsible (okay, bland) voices of the MSM get drowned out by partisan, opinionated cableheads and bloggers.

Politics in America has become polarized for many reasons, but a big one is the fact that people can now filter the news and opinion they get to avoid exposure to ideas with which they disagree.

Posted July 12, 2006 08:32 AM

Hey Rob.

Wanted to comment on the Sesame Street rant, but you didn't have comments enabled. It was an excellent post. As a parent who is a little tired of seeing other parents utilize the television as the nanny, I am glad people like you are paying attention to the detriment this will cause to future generations. I too grew up on SS and am a better person for it. However, children nowadays see SS as archaic and the characters as "old skool". They want rockets, gore, violence, excitment...everything that Sesame Street is not. Cookies and Rainbow Connections are not enough to satiate this generation of kids...and it's sad. We have a whole generation of kids who have nothing to believe in and stand for.

If you are interested, I am blogging for the Pediatric AIDS Foundation on July 29th. 24 hours of blogging - nonstop - for the PAF. I'd appreciate you coming by to cheer me on...or keep me awake if you happen to be up late!

Take care, Rob!


-- posted by: CP on July 16, 2006 02:23 PM

I couldn't agree more.

I also think it's caused people to suffer as a whole in interaction with each other.

I find people's attention spans to be greatly reduced. At work, I have to repeat a sentence 4 times before people get what I'm saying because after I've stated something half way through the first go 'round, they are off and running and not paying attention to me at all and end up doing things incorrectly. Everyone loves a soundbite, I guess... but sometimes some things can't be put into 5 second catch phrases and one liners.

-- posted by: Drub on July 13, 2006 03:34 AM

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