June 14, 2007

Gay Bigots: intolerance cuts both ways


For those not in the know: New York Magazine insists that Michael Lucas in an important homosexual.

I don't comment on blogs that often, but NYC's A-Gay porn director (and "model") Michael Lucas really pissed me off -- and I had to leave a comment on his blog (see below). Lucas' commentary on Muhammad Ali came across as arrogant, elitist, hypocritical and racist -- and this is not the first time he's engaged in Muslim-bashing.

I'm not surprised by racist/fear-mongering commentary from a pornographer film director (think D.W. Griffith), but I do wonder:

is an "important" gay white man equating a black man's conversion to Islam with a head injury any less offensive than Isaiah Washington equating faggotry with an inability to be timely?

I don't know if Lucas will ever post my comment -- after all, accusing someone of having a "vacuous, narcissistic sense of entitlement" isn't exactly a way to begin a conversation.

We'll just have to see.

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Highlights of Michael Lucas' Entry


Nauseous Clay: Number 1 Chump

....I see [Vanity Fair has] stooped to putting Muhammad Ali on the cover together with presidential hopeful Barack Obama. I think this is an Obamanation, and Iíll tell you why.

First off; boxing. Itís barbaric. Victory is gained when the opponent is either 1) too severely hurt to continue (called a ďtechnical knock outĒ) or 2) knocked down and unable to get up before the ref counts to ten. You mean to tell me two guys canít think of anything more pleasurable than that to do with their fists?

Actually, I would not be surprised if the majority of boxers are repressed gay or bisexual men taking out their frustrations in a way that, alas, some societies still find acceptable...

Way back in 1983, the American Medical Association called for a ban on boxing...Is Muhammad Ali, who I think at birth was named Nauseous Clay, permanently brain damaged as a result of boxing? Letís put it this way: His diagnosis is Pugilistic Parkinsonís Syndrome. The Pugilistic part of that means he got it from boxing.

Was permanent brain damage the reason why Nauseous Clay joined the Nation of Islam and later became a Sunni? I ask that, while admitting that itís easy to understand why people so uncritically hail him as a great sports hero. Promoting interracial love and harmony, he once said: ďNo intelligent black man or black woman in his or her right black mind wants white boys and white girls coming to their homes to marry their black sons and daughters.Ē His first marriage ended because his wife didnít want to conform to a Muslim dress code for women....

[Editor's note: he also suggests that seeing this particular issue will have vomitous results].
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My Response

While I understand your indictment of boxing on medical/physical injury grounds, I find your disdain for Islam, gender roles and ďbarbaricĒ violence a completely hypocritical stance.

Aliís religious affiliation has nothing to do with head injury. A great number of folks have converted to Islam without being k.o.íd. Itís a personal decision motivated by cultural, social, religious and personal needs. It fulfills and sustains many peopleís identities and existence, and provides a foundation for constructing reality and meaning.

Judging from your films, you equate shoving large chunks of plastic up oneís ass as a means for ultimate personal satisfaction. Kind of simplistic if you ask me - but Iíll chalk that up to different strokes for different folks.

Secondly, a great number of your films are predicated on power, submission, humiliation and domination. Hey, Iím not knocking it Ė I think Arpad Miklos is hot as hell - but I donít believe you are in any position to criticize another manís self-definition of masculine power.

As for your disdain for Aliís belief in traditional dress Ė I could only chuckle when contemplating the number of your leather films that rely heavily on conventional, albeit risquť, wardrobe choices and traditional role playing. Leather queens are some of the fussiest bitches Iíve ever seen when it comes to garment choices.

I recently watched a video of you with Lady Bunny. You asked LB if she envied your rings, baubles and business acumen. I have to ask you -- are power, money, possessions, a huge dick and a washboard stomach your defining characteristics of success?

One can only conjecture what sort of vacuous, narcissistic sense of entitlement compels you to constantly criticize and critique those whose lives are so very different than your own.

Entitlement is not enlightenment, Michael.

Before you judge a man who overcame segregation, poverty and racism by forcing his fist against another manís face, Iíd ask, is shoving your fist up another manís ass for money any different?

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The Interview:

Posted June 14, 2007 08:00 AM

I feel sorry for that adorable doggie pictured with Mr. Lucas. But sometimes good dogs happen to dumb people....

-- posted by: Jeffrey on June 21, 2007 02:18 PM

Lucas certainly has "forgotten where he came from."

Hypothetically, I'd like to see how he'd react if he were dropped in the middle of some corn-fed, heartland area... an area of bible thumpin' evangelicals. I wonder if he'd still be so concerned about the splinter in the eyes of Ali and other muslims, what with the obvious LOG in his own eye.

-- posted by: It's Me... Maven on June 17, 2007 01:43 PM

It's a fine, fine day for irony when a fist-fucker can
call a fist-cuffer "barbaric."

Like you, Rob, I found Michael's post seriously
offensive in the very worst
fashion imaginable. I'd be awfully interested in a
real estimate of Michael's tolerance for interracial
love (I'll bet he's one of those queens who won't even
date guys outside his zip code). And I'd like to know
what Michael has achieved that comes anywhere near to
Ali's accomplishments.

Suggesting that Ali's conversion to Islam was the
result of a head punch is like suggesting that
Michael's involvement in the porn industry is due to
childhood sexual abuse: it's not just inaccurate, but

As even this not-so-into-boxing lesbian sister knows,
Cassius Clay converted to Islam just prior to his
deservedly famous bout with Sonny Liston in 1964, and
revealed his conversion, and his name change, shortly

Here, Michael. Read all about it:

And while you're at it, try to get out of Boy's Town
and read a book every so often.

-- posted by: Nancy in NYC on June 16, 2007 09:23 PM

Well, I think boxing is fairly barbaric, and I hope the dating comments were really old or taken out of context...HOWEVER, Michael Lucas is not worth taking seriously on any issue. Not because he is in the sex industry, mind you, but because he is a bit like the gay porn Paris Hilton. On behalf of gay white folks, I offer my sincerest apologies. I'm sad to say that most gay male blogs will present you with ample racist and sexist commentary...white male privilege is alive and well in gaydom, despite all we have in common with women and racial minorities.

Oh, and as a citizen of Ali's birthplace, his sacrifice of his career for his beliefs in the Vietnam War era makes him a hero to me. We love him here in The Ville!

-- posted by: ChristopherM on June 15, 2007 04:04 PM

Bravo! Muhammad Ali is an American icon, not because of money, because he earned it!

-- posted by: Jocko on June 14, 2007 07:21 PM

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