February 28, 2008

One Queen to Rule Them All

Just in case you're interested in an annual review of web relevancy...


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February 27, 2008

The Clothes off His Bareback

Michael Lucas, Famous Gay and pornographer, is selling:

Slim tops

Average-sized shoes

Totally-over polos


and a DVD player

at Michael Lucas' eBay Store!.

The site notes that you will enjoy "a part of Michael's....until it's a part of yours."

Which part?

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The Not-So-Secret Lives of Semi-Clad Journalists

Oh, my.

Author, writer, producer and former Marine, Tim Bergling, enjoys vlogging without his shirt on.

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February 26, 2008

The Not-So-Secret Lives of Kickboxers

On the internets, we're really not as alone as we thought: Ex Mente Mea. Please note - this gem was unearthed by a simple Googling of "Tiffany."

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February 25, 2008

Stuff White People Hate:

Namely, finding about about shit L-A-T-E!!!!!!!!!!!

Stuff White People Like: The Blog / The Reality

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February 19, 2008

Mama Mia!

According to The Boston Globe John McCain considered using ABBA's Take a Chance on Me as his campaign anthem.

Consider the JibJab fun that would have ensued from this Erasure cover of the pop classic:

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February 18, 2008

Jeans for Flat-Assed Bigots


I've been receiving a rash of e-mails regarding multiple sightings of bumper stickers promoting Caucasians® Jeans -- "Jeans for White Guys!"

According to the website, the St. Louis based company was founded in response to FUBU -- you know, the fashion line started by some uppity New York Negroes way-back in 1992.

The pants are apparently designed for truckers who are not members of The Black Truckers Association, which is really too bad because Caucasians® Jeans are purported to be "one inch deeper in the crotch area..[and] won't cut you in half on that long haul."

In other words, whether you're a grower or a shower, a little extra third leg room will delight Larry Craig and lot lizards nationwide.

As for me, I can't wait for the line of white hoodies.

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February 16, 2008

Flawed. Weak. Organic.

or Desperately Googling Linda Hamilton


This story at The Walrus Magazine offers some amazing insights into how the human mind tries, and frequently fails, to process the vast amounts of information that is available in this digital era.

The central premise: our puny human minds are not able to manage the billions of voices, ideas, opinions and news stories that filter through the internets (and Blackberries) every nanosecond.

So buck up, if you're ever overwhelmed by the multiplicity of tasks, duties and expectations of this multitasking modern age, you may not be incompetent, you may just be experiencing brain atrophy.

From The Atlantic:

...certain studies find that multitasking boosts the level of stress-related hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline and wears down our systems through biochemical friction, prematurely aging us. In the short term, the confusion, fatigue, and chaos merely hamper our ability to focus and analyze, but in the long term, they may cause it to atrophy.

Still, there's some good news - you only have to wait until 2029 when scientists foresee injectable nanobots as a cure to what ails you - helping you to work better, stronger, faster!

Imagine...little robots floating around in your bloodstream, attaching themselves to neurological receptors in your brain. The BBC reports that scientist are suggesting that these technological enhancements would

make us smarter, remember things better and automatically go into full emergent virtual reality environments through the nervous system.


Well, I'd love to explore this matter further, but the phone's ringing and I have to get back to work: the Swiffering needs to be done, bills need to get paid, the cat needs some food, a bunker's gotta get built...

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February 14, 2008

Happy V.D.!

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February 08, 2008

Vidal Season: A Memoir, of Sorts

An Homage to Hasidim: Gaultier's 1993 Collection was the talk of Crown Heights, as well as Manhattan and Paris

Fashion Week has concluded, and I've been reading Gore Vidal's memoir, Palimpsest, rather than ogling the must-haves that many have-nots will soon possess courtesy charge cards and/or knock-offs.

Vidal's writing style is pause-itively laden with commas, as well as delicious details that are fascinating and believable, not preposterous and ignorable. I marvel at his life and his connections to some of last century's most notorious first-named characters: Truman, Anaļs, Tennessee and Jackie.

Vidal, sans blog, proffers posthumous profiles of perplexing personalities on printed paper. Somehow, the errant behavior of shit-faced, scandalous Page Sixed socialites seems classier when Vidal recalls his mid-century misadventures. Something to consider: dead men, as well as women, tell no tales, and are, no doubt, less litigious.

And so, in homage to Mr. Vidal, I reflect on my one-and-only first-hand Fashion Week experience and a few bold faced encounters that still make me chuckle.

Please pardon the posturing, and the punctuation, but this was, for a great number of years, the most significant week of my life.

- - - -

It was 1993 - the year that Fashion Week, as we now know it, overtook Bryant Park. A coterie of club kid volunteers assembled each day to set the tents, Jeremy Scott being one of them.

vidalseason.jpgElsa Klensch was never off camera.

Before each show, formidable, intensely Caucasian ladies scooped boxes of giveaway Godiva into their handbags. Despite my one per person pleas, talons sheathed in 20 karat rings decimated our lovely displays of stellar schwag.

After the Calvin Klein show, David Lee Roth invited some of us to meet Anthony Kiedis, who was surprisingly puny and incredibly distraught. River Phoenix had just died and Kiedis was inconsolable, as was witnessed by his numerous bereaved appearances on Entertainment Tonight. It helped to talk it out, I suppose.

Roth, on the other hand, had few kind words to say about Valerie Bertinelli, who was America's sweetheart during the Carter years and was, by the mid-90's, fictionally overdosing on Lifetime, Television for Women, Sundays at four, three central.

The former Van-Halen front man also claimed to have had relations with Madonna on a rooftop in the East Village. As this was the year that followed the publication of Ms. Ciccone's Sex book, it was perfectly plausible, and frighteningly imaginable, since we all knew that he could spread his legs just as wide as that particularly ambitious blonde.

Roth had fallen on hard times and would later become a part-time paramedic before reality television catapulted him back to fame at the turn of the century. Nevertheless, he believed he was still top-billable, which I witnessed when he cut to the front of the line for an A-List after-party and proclaimed, "Roth, plus ten."

We got in, with drink tickets no less. (Does that need a comma?)

Anyway, we were young, callous and cool, so we adored drugs, which were, surprisingly, often free. Ecstasy, cocaine and aspiration fueled the frenzy before Betsey Johnson's seasonal spectacle. Johnson was particularly kind, and even more surprisingly, naturally energetic. She let us linger after our chores to watch Naomi walk, which proved to be a spectacle of genetic supremacy. All hips and legs, with an attitude that was brighter than the key light, Ms. Campbell exemplified the supermodel then, as well as now.

Donna Karan, hair askew, was a hateful shrew. She ordered us to scram once we'd swept the tent of discarded gold-foil candy wrappers.

She looked haggard, as well as hungry, which I suspect is still "the look" of Fashion Week, even now.

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February 06, 2008


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February 04, 2008

Between a Barack and a Hard Place

This weekend, a "loyal" American said, "I won't vote for someone with the name Hussein - that's the same name as our enemy..."

Surprisingly, that person wasn't Bill Clinton - but someone very close to me.

I was startled by the utterly sincere tone of the remark and surprised that someone I cared for could believe such blatant, bigoted bullshit.

"What do you mean?" I asked, adding, "Hussein is a very common name...he's not named after the despot (yes, I said despot) we pushed into power in the first place..."

"Well, that's something I wouldn't know anything about."

"Kinda like bush and dick?" I sneered.

"I didn't vote for...Oh, very funny."

"Too bad you're not," is all I could muster after that.

- - - -

Photos below: Barack Hussein Obama's visit to St. Louis - Feb. 2, 2008




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February 01, 2008

Rest in Peace: Marine Sgt. Carmelo Rodriguez

rodriguez.jpgThe 8 minute segment (below) from CBS News documents the incredible loss and frustration that many military families experience.

The story focuses on Marine Sgt. Carmelo Rodriguez (pictured right) and the military's 10 year-long failure to treat his melanoma. I know that's not a very attractive picture - but Sgt. Rodriguez wanted us to see what happened to him in just 18 months.

You see, kids - Rodriguez was understandably pissed with the military.

They told him he had "a wart" even though records show they detected his cancer in 1997.

What motivated them not to treat him?

We'll never know - laws protect the military for being sued for malpractice and negligence of care.

It saddens me that indifference and a failed health care system are killing the young men and women who have served this country in peacetime and in war.

While they have served their tours of duty, we have failed in our duty to provide them even the slightest modicum of care.

It is also important to note that soliders are not only dying from inadequate health care - they're increasingly taking their own lives.

Soldier Suicides at Record Level - [Link]
Last year, about 2,100 soldiers injured themselves or attempted suicide, compared with about 350 in 2002, according to the U.S. Army Medical Command Suicide Prevention Action Plan.

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